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GMing with Player Consent

A presentation by Jason Cordova He|They, Jessie Duncan LPC, NCC (she/they) and Dustin Yager BA (he/him)
Gauntlet Publishing, CASTT Gamers and Natchaug Hospital

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About this event

Consider this a "next level" discussion on consent in gaming and using safety tools. In this panel discussion, we will focus on how you can up your GMing to take into consideration the importance of player agency and allowing your players to drive the story forward, not the GM. We will review ideas of how you can create a culture of safety in your games so that players can feel safe to explore emotional and personal story beats with the potential to not only grow the characters but themselves.

Learning Objectives
1. Participants will be able to identify the importance of creating a culture of safety by asking for player consent while playing Tabletop RPGs.
2. Participants will develop a better understanding of how to let the players drive the story with the intention of letting players identify what is important to their characters.
3. Participants will recognize and identify how having player consent can lead to deeper therapeutic insight while working with clients in an applied setting.

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Jason Cordova He|They

The founder of The Gauntlet Gaming Community and co-owner of Gauntlet Publishing.

Jessie Duncan LPC, NCC (she/they)

Jessie is a professional nerd.

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