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Navigating Psychiatric Care With a Journaling TTRPG: "Welcome to the Euthymia College of Magicks"

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"We developed a Journaling RPG/Workbook that weaves the narrative of being a student in a college of magic navigating the complexities of psychiatric care. The intervention consists of printable journaling exercises that form the basis of a personalized mental health grimoire.
We believe that through fantasy-inspired introspection we can help in: (a) Building therapeutic alliance (b) Reducing stigma about psychiatric medication (c) Increase medication adherence (d) Help patients keep track of their symptoms and side effects throughout their psychiatric care (e) Empower patients to become more active in their discussions with their psychiatrist
The College of Euthymia is built upon the hermetic principles, “As above, So below”. Meaning that the more we understand ourselves and our bodies, the more we can unravel the mysteries of the universe and unlock our magical source.
We will end with a call for party members as we want to expand beyond the field of psychiatry and include as many diverse fields in the construction of the College of Euthymia. We would like to expand our Grimoire of introspective Journaling RPG modules using as many different perspectives as possible. "

Learning Objectives:
1. Identifying the psychoeducational needs of patients partaking in or considering psychiatric care.
2. Identifying how introspection or journaling exercises can empower patients in their understanding of their treatment options and their decision-making process.
3. Utilizing magical RPG narratives to make this process more empowering and accessible.

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Gian Manuel Ramos Monserrate M.D. (he/him)

Medical Doctor, Psychiatry researcher, Working his way to a Psychiatry Residency, lover of all things Anime, Video Games and RPG, Co-Host of the "Here Comes a Thought" and "Otaku Ryoho" podcast.

Elaine Shen MD (she/her)

Resident Physician & Graphic Designer

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